IMC-PLANUNG® PROJECTBOX offers a cooperation tool for all project participants. Contacts, deadlines, project documents – everyone has access to data to the extent required for his role.

The integrated ticketing system guarantees great transparency enabling you to remain informed about the status of the project all the time.

In this way, not only we but also you will remain updated about all work performed.

Like foresighted planning, an extensive and up-to-date overview of project progress is also important for ensuring processing as per agreement and hence guaranteeing your success.  



11.06.2020Project preview: New Beiersdorf Campus

This construction project involves the expansion / new construction of the Beiersdorf Group headquarters in Hamburg. IMC has received an order from...[more]

12.08.2019New project started: VW Wolfsburg power plant

At the end of July a new IMC project for steel construction planning of a stage in the VW Wolfsburg power plant started. For approx. 190t steel...[more]

08.07.2019Project start ACPS Ingersheim, production hall

In the Ingersheim industrial area, ACPS Automotive GmbH will build its new headquarters and development center. The range of services IMC...[more]