IMC Leipzig


Riesaer Str. 74

04328 Leipzig
Federal Republic of Germany

Telefon:  +49 (0)341 / 27 110 201
Telefax:  +49 (0)341 / 27 110 400

Dipl.-Ing. Kay Wyrembeck
Dipl.-Ing. MSc. Andre Werner
Dipl.-Ing. Mario Wünsch



26.06.2022Leipzig's Company Run - IMC remains sporty

On 22.06.22 more than 12,000 people from all over Leipzig and the surrounding area came together for the Company Run Leipzig - and...[more]

01.06.2022Run with heart

At this year’s charity run for children with cancer "Lauf mit Herz" on May 13th in Döbeln, IMC Planungsgesellschaft mbH also supported the Dresden...[more]

11.06.2020Project preview: New Beiersdorf Campus

This construction project involves the expansion / new construction of the Beiersdorf Group headquarters in Hamburg. IMC has received an order from...[more]