Service in Tekla Structures

Training, Consulting, Customizing

The IMC Planungsgesellschaft supports your emplyees in an efficient introduction to Tekla Structures in order to quickly tap the full potential of the application.

We advise you on how to customize the design process with Tekla Structures to your needs and effectively use the functionality available in the application. Problems in data exchange and data conversion are thus detected and avoided at an early stage.

IMC helps you costumize the Tekla Structures user interface to meet the needs of your project.

Components, Extensions, Macros

We analyse your projects with regard to their degree of repetition in order to achieve maximum time savings by automating the processes.

IMC Planungsgesellschaft develops the necessary components (static and dynamic), macros and extensiones (C#).

We advice you on the procurement of external tools in order to avoid costly new developments where these are not necessary.

Lists, Layouts, Templates

IMC creates the necessary layout and list templates to make all information stored in your model available to you.

We prepare your company logo for use on drawings genereated by Tekla Structures and convert it for integration into lists created by Tekla Structures.



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